GuardChain will attend RISE 9 months ago

RISE is characterized as the Web Summit of Asia. It is the most innovative, up-to-date one that is first introduced there. According to the Korea Times, it is the biggest tech conference in Asia.

This year, Invest Cyprus Organization will be in Rise, promoting the investment advantage of Cyprus, attracting potential investors , startup founders , expanding its network with professionals who can take advantage of the competitive advantages offered by Cyprus to implement ideas that will accelerate our economic development.

The Cyprus Investment Promotion Organization will be in Rise and will allow 3 Cypriot startups to travel to Hong Kong and present their idea by offering 2 conference tickets for each team.

GuardChain is one of the 3 startups who have managed to win a place for RISE event .

Big thank you to Invest Cyprus – Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency and Impossible.Works for this amazing opportunity! Hong Kong here we come!

The GuardChain team!

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